VCF online Volatile Compounds in Food 16.7

Overview of VCF releases

New in version VCF16.3 (November 2016)

  • Approximate search in Odour and Flavour Threshold compounds
  • information about data reliability
  • 12 new products
  • 46 existing products updated
  • 83 new literature references
  • 160 new volatile compounds
  • >3000 new occurrences
  • >6000 new retention indices
  • 7 new odour/flavour references
See an overview (details for subscribers only) of:
New products
New compounds
New references
New Odour/Flavour references
Odour/Flavour compounds with new observations

New in version VCF16.2 (January 2016)

  • new literature search facility in Odour and Flavour Threshold data set
  • 55 new literature references
  • 2000 new occurrences
  • 5400 new Retention Index values
  • 425 new odour descriptions
  • 8 new products
  • new data for more than 30 existing products
  • improved literature search facility
  • FEMA GRAS 27 list implemented

New in version VCF16.1 (June 2015)

  • new data set: Odour and Flavour threshold values
    • with more than 3100 literature references
    • and more than 26000 observations on
    • in excess of 8200 compounds

  • 64 new literature references
  • 2650 new occurrences
  • 5800 new Retention Index values
  • 480 new odour descriptions
  • 6 new products
  • new data for more than 30 existing products

New in version VCF15.2 (July 2014)

  • Detailed information on Kovats Retention Index values from literature references
  • Comparison of published RI values with averages
  • Many new Kovats RI values for existing compounds
  • 8 new products and many updated products
  • 45 new literature references with 36 new compounds and almost 2000 new occurrences

New in version VCF15.1 (January 2014)

  • New design, suited for tabloids and smart phones
  • Kovats Retention Index values, detailed information
  • Many new Kovats RI values for existing compounds
  • Product Durian (Durio zibethinus) updated
  • In excess of 50 new compunds with about 170 new occurrences
  • FEMA GRAS 26 list implemented
  • 10 digit CAS numbers

New in version VCF14.1 (January 2013)

  • New products Date and Wormwood oil (Absinth)
  • Update categories Cocoa and Olive
  • Kovats Retention index values and odour description
  • Search facility on Kovats Retention Index values

New in version VCF13.2 (May 2012)

  • Category Citrus fruits updated and new products added
  • New molecular structures, new and corrected CAS numbers

New in version VCF13.1 (August 2011)

  • Category Citrus fruits updated and new products added
  • Many new molecular structures
  • FEMA GRAS 25
  • Approximate search technique
  • Overview of popular searches

New in version VCF12.3 (December 2010)

  • Category Citrus fruits updated
  • Display of product images

New in version VCF12.2 (June 2010)

  • New APPLE product categories with APPLE cultivars
  • Category compare function
  • Search history preserved between sessions

New in version VCF12.1 (December 2009)

  • Molecular structures shown with compound details
  • Latest Flavis numbers added. See the complete EU-Flavis list.
  • 9 new product categories, including 41 new and reviewed products

New in version VCF11.1.1 (July 2009)

In version VCF11.1.1 the FEMA GRAS 24 list is added to the VCF data. Synonyms and FEMA numbers are synchronised with the existing data or added when not present. Due to different naming conventions, some redundancy remains.

Small changes are made in the Compounds detail module. The Index name —a remainder of the paper edition— is no longer displayed. The Group name is displayed after the synonyms.

New in version VCF11.1 (April 2009)

The concept of Product Category is introduced. A product category is a combination of products which are related such as:

  • products belonging to the same family of plant products (for instance all citrus products)
  • products as part of the same plant material (like Caraway root, seed and herb) certain products which have undergone different processing steps (like raw, cooked and fried potatoes)
  • products produced from different raw materials (like cow milk and goat milk)

This offers the possibility to aggregate the data for all products within a product category. For instance, to aggregate all volatile compounds in all citrus products.

It is easy to switch between the products within a product category, due to new navigation possibilities.

Several new products are introduced, like Cashew Apple (fresh, juice and wine) and Cashew nuts (raw and roasted).

New in version VCF10.1.1 (June 2008)

The products Tomato (fresh) and Tomato paste are updated and the new product Tomato juice is added.

New in version VCF10.1 (December 2007)

  • Product compare: select any two products and compare the compounds found in these products. See Product comparison for more details.
  • Search within results: After any search action, results can be refined by entering a new search argument. You can also exclude certain name strings. See Search within results for more details.
  • In new literature references, a complete citation is given, including all authors, full title and page numbers.
  • Latest FEMA GRAS 23 list incorporated
  • Council of Europe flavouring list incorporated.


The incorporation of the FEMA GRAS and EU-Flavis data in our VCF database resulted in several discrepancies. Sometimes due to different naming conventions, but also due to differences in CAS and FEMA assignments. We did our best to solve those discrepancies, but some remain.

New in version VCF9.2 (April 2007):

  • 7 new products (Annatto oil-soluble extract, Annatto water-soluble extract, Lean fish (smoked), Lentils, Mezcal, Noni, Tequila)
  • 13 existing products updated (i.a. Apple brandy, Grape brandy, Cognac, Wiskey, Fatty fish, Lean fish)
  • in excess of 40 new literature references
  • in excess of 40 new compounds, with 200 new synonyms
  • almost 1900 new occurrence entries

New in version VCF9.1 (March 2006):

  • Product honey updated and subdivided in 40 honey varieties
  • Complete FEMA GRAS list 3-22 is incorporated.
  • 720 synonyms
  • 200 compounds from FEMA list GRAS-22 and their synonyms
  • Display search history for current session

New in version VCF8.2 (May 2005):

  • 40 products
  • 4080 occurrences
  • 7703 synonyms
  • more than 100 natural occurring compounds
  • 1044 compounds from FEMA list GRAS-21 and their synonyms

New in version VCF8.1 (March 2003):

  • Demo login possibility
  • Improved search facilities

First online version VCF8.0 (August 2002):

  • Copy of the VCF version 7 printed edition
  • First subscribers in November 2002