EU-Flavis database

Flavourings are substances added to food in order to impart or modify odour and/or taste. European Community Legislation defines different types of flavourings, such as:

  • flavouring substances,
  • flavouring preparations,
  • thermal process flavourings
  • smoke flavourings


Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association

The Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association furthers the business interests of its members through a sound scientific program designed to promote the safe use of flavours. Through effective representation of its members, FEMA fosters a global environment in which the flavour industry can create, innovate and compete.


Flavornet is a compilation of aroma compounds found in human odour space. A seemingly infinite number of perceptions are invoked by less than 1000 odourants that make up this space. These chemicals with mass less than 300 Daltons bind to proteins on the olfactory receptor neurons (ORNs) at the surface of the olfactory epithelium. Excitation of ORNs generates a topographic map of sensory information in the brain that is a representation of the stimulating chemical features of the external world. The Flavornet lists only those odourants that have been found in a human odour space at supra-threshold levels i.e. at levels likely to stimulate ORNs.


ESIS [European chemical Substances Information System] is an IT System which provides you with information on chemicals, related to:

  • EINECS (European Inventory of Existing Commercial chemical Substances)
  • and more ...

The Good Scents Company

The Good Scents Company was founded in late 1980 in an exclusive role to create, manufacture and distribute world class fragrances.