VCF online Volatile Compounds in Food 16.7

What is new in version VCF16.3?

General remarks
With the introduction of Retention Indices and Odour/Flavour thresholds thousands of new compounds are added to the database. New volatile compounds with retention indices were introduced because this can lead to the identification of compounds in food products. The incorporation of odour and flavour threshold values has resulted in the introduction of many new volatile and non-volatile compounds. We decided to integrate all these new compounds because they can be of great benefit to our users. But many of those new compounds are not (yet) found in food products, according to the present literature references in the VCF database. The systematic integration of all these new compounds is still under way, but much progress has been made.

New functionality
The search for compounds with odour/flavour thresholds has been improved by offering the facility of an Approximate Search. Most of the volatile compounds are arranged in the same systematic order as in the existing database.

For VCF we recalculated the minimum and maximum values (ranges) and from now on the number of observations from which the quantitative values are calculated will be given as an indication of the reliability of the data. Apart from the quantitative occurrences , the total number of observations follows from the number of literature references, which include also the non-quantified observations.

New products
The following products are introduced: Kefir, Salami, Capers, Indian Cress Absolute, Gabiroba, Guava Essence, Taco shell, Tortilla flour, Scented Rice unprocessed, Rice Cake, Miso, Pumpkin Seed Oil and Rapeseed Oil.

New content
Occurrences, retention indices and odour properties from 86 new literature references are added. This resulted into 122 new volatile compounds with occurrences, over 3000 new occurrences, more than 6000 new RI values (for in total over 4000 compounds) and 300 new odour descriptions (for in total over 1420 compounds).

New data are introduced for 46 existing products in the food groups: Fruits (13), Spices and condiments (10), Milk products (3), Meat and poultry (4), Alcohol <20% (5), Alcohol >20% (5), Vegetables (2), Bread and cereals (3) and Miscellaneous (1).

Odour and flavour threshold values
New data from 7 literature references were added.

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