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Introduction to Volatile Compounds in Food

The VCF database contains information on published volatile compounds which have been found in natural (processed) food products.
The information is continually updated.

The database can only be consulted on basis of subscription. If you want more information on the content of … read more


13 February 2017

Vcf-Online present at FlavourTalk Amsterdam

Miriam Kort and Ben Nijssen of the Vcf-Online project team will be present at the FlavourTalk Raw Materials Roundtable Exhibition on Wednesday 22 February 2017 in Amsterdam.

See details of the FlavourTalk program here.

26 November 2016

VCF16.3 released

Version VCF16.3 is ready for use. See all the new functionality and overview of new data in What is new in version VCF16.3

17 November 2016

VCF16.3 announcement

A new version of VCF will be operational at the end of this month.

Several new products, like Kefir, Rice Cake, Miso, Rapeseed oil and Salami are introduced and existing products are updated. From over 80 literature references 160 new volatile compounds and more than 3000 occurrences are added. Also, over 6000 new … read more

21 March 2016

TNO Triskelion is now Triskelion

As of today, TNO Triskelion B.V. in Zeist, The Netherlands, will continue its activities under the name Triskelion B.V. This change of name also sees the simultaneous launch of the new branding campaign.

New slogan: Research for better living
Our new positioning is reflected in the slogan: Research for better … read more

16 January 2016

VCF16.2 released

Version VCF 16.2 is ready for use. See all the new functionality and overview of new data in What is new in version VCF16.2

3 January 2016

New version VCF 16.2 is coming

New data

VCF will be updated to version VCF 16.2 this weekend January 16-17.
New products (Curry leaf oil, Curry fruit oil, Musk Melon, Water Melon, Kelp (Laminaria japonica), Mango peel, Pomegranate juice, Pomegranate wine) will be introduced.
From 55 new literature references the occurrences, retention … read more

28 June 2015

VCF16.1 released

Version VCF 16.1 is ready for use. See all the new functionality and overview of new data in What is new in version VCF 16.1

18 June 2015

VCF16.1 announcement

Within a few weeks a new version of the VCF-online website will be operational. In this release a whole new data set of Odour and Flavour threshold values will be included.

Based upon more than 3100 literature references, over 25000 observations of odour and flavour threshold values will be published.

We expect the new … read more

21 April 2015

Paper on Kovats Indices reliability

Ben Nijssen and Miriam Kort represented TNO Triskelion at the 14th Weurman Flavour Research Symposium with a presentation titled: The reliability of Kovats Indices for identification.
The presentation was based on experiences and data … read more

2 September 2014

Meet us at te Weurman Flavour Research Symposium

Between 15th and 19th September 2014 the 14th Weurman Flavour Research Symposium will take place in Cambridge, UK. (www.weurman2014.com).
Ben Nijssen and Miriam Kort will represent TNO Triskelion at this symposium with posters titled “Flavour reduction of hydrolysed proteins” and … read more

12 July 2014

Version VCF15.2 released

This new version brings detailed information on Kovats Retention Indices. All RI values from cited literature references give a better insight into the accuracy of the results and of a good estimate of the average value.

See What is new in VCF15.2? for more details.

5 July 2014

New version VCF 15.2 is coming

Many of you may have noticed that we changed the Kovats Retention Index search facility. The slider mechanism for selecting RI values was technically vulnerable and not user friendly with responsive and mobile environments.
This is a prelude to the new version VCF 15.2, which will be introduced next week.
Until now, only average RI … read more

21 March 2014

Change in Kovats Retention Index display

From now on, Kovats RI data for each column are displayed ordered by their numerical value. Hence, reading of the data is more user friendly.
Odour values, if present, are shown along the RI values. For analysts performing GC-sniff this can be a valuable tool to identify compounds on the basis of their odour characteristics.

11 January 2014

What is new in VCF15.1

This release is mainly aimed to improve the user interface and adapt the design to modern hardware like tablets and smart phones.

New software allows us to offer you more information and faster database access. We will use the new platform to add more functionality in the near future.

The new design of the website offers easy … read more

2 September 2013

Introducing Kovats Retention Indices

In version VCF 14.1 of this database, Kovats retention indices were introduced for compounds on four types of GC-columns. Since then, new data were added daily and directly shown to the users. Retention indices are already found for more than 3000 compounds. The data are obtained from publications with reliable identified compounds. … read more

25 January 2013

Version VCF14.1 released

Besides new and updated product data, new compounds and literature, this version VCF14.1 includes Kovats Retention Index data from various sources. Data are summarized for 4 types of gas chromatographic columns (in increasing polarity): DB-1, DB-5, DB-17 and DB-Wax.

When available, odour values will also be presented.

25 January 2013

What is new in VCF14.1?

Introduction of Retention Indices and Odour descriptions

A start is made with the compilation of Kovats Retention Indices and Odour descriptions. As with the occurrences of volatile compounds these data are obtained from scientific publications. Initially data are limited to those published by read more

20 January 2013

50 Years Volatile Compounds in Food

Formerly known as 'Lists of Volatiles (LOV)' Dr. C. Weurman started the compilation of volatile compounds in food in 1963. He was head of the Aroma department of the 'Central Institute for Food Research' at TNO (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research). Convening every three years, the Weurman Flavour Symposium has become one of … read more

9 January 2011

VCF-online is part of TNO Triskelion

VCF-online is one of the activities of the analytical chemistry department of TNO. TNO is an independent research organisation, located in the Netherlands, whose expertise and research make an important contribution to the competitiveness of … read more