Conditions for subscription


Please apply for subscription by filling in this form.


  • Subscription is open to every person, company, institute or organization.
  • The cost amount is EUR 1485 per location per year. As location should be considered a place where (part) of a company, institute or organization is situated.
  • If a company, institute or organization is located on more than one place, then for each location the total subscription fee has to be paid. Special arrangements can be made upon request.
  • The costs per location are independent of the number of users: each additional user has a 100% fee reduction.
  • In case of universities only users are accepted which have their profession at the university or are post graduates.


  • The database is accessible for a specific location after the company registration form is filled in and returned by email. With this registration form the local administrator of this database must be indicated. Invoices are sent to this account. Invoices can be paid by bank transfer of by credit card
  • Every user on a specific company location should register by filling in the personal registration form, using an email address of the user's company. This user will obtain a personal password. The simultaneous use of the same password will be checked!
  • Every user can opt in on news items (free of charge).
  • The subscription fee is due from the moment the first local user receives his password. Subscription is automatically renewed every year, an invoice for the coming year is sent one month before the beginning of the new period.
  • Subscription ends when the company account is terminated by written notification before the beginning of the new 12 month period. User accounts will be invalid when the subscription date has passed.


  • Registered users will have access to the most up-to-date information available.
  • Updates will be generated regularly. Every update is announced in the general news section. Registered users are informed by email depending on their option in the account setting (see My Account).
  • Users are kindly requested to provide feedback on the data presented.
  • Updates may depend on the number of subscriptions, as generation of data is funded partly by the fees received.