The late Dr. C. Weurman as head of the ‘Flavour Department’ of TNO Nutrition an Food Research (now: Triskelion), Zeist, The Netherlands, started the compilation "Volatile Compounds in Food" (VCF) in 1963.

The database has long been brought on the market in the form of books as well as on diskette, which made the VCF one of the most frequently cited books in flavour research.

In 2002 the 8th version of this database was published online and available to subscribers. Access to the data is since then much improved by introducing alternative search possibilities.

Considerable care has been taken to conscientiously extract data from the literature. It would be greatly appreciated if users who notice errors or omissions would let us know, so that the records can be set straight.

The editors:

William van Dongen
Bert Wiggers
Jan Donders