General remarks In version 16.9 of VCF online we added new data for products and compounds.

New products We added data of 30 new products, amongst which water spinach, tom yam powder, wheat, kumquat fruit, dancy mandarin, orlando tangelo, cane sugar and panela, white pepper, black pepper oil, wheatgrass bread, hen egg yolk and white, tortilla chips, natto and miso and tempeh.

The following products have been updated: cheddar cheese, fennel, beef, mushroom, rye bread.

New content We added occurrences, retention indices and odour properties as given in 26 new literature references. This resulted into 56 new compounds and 30 new products, 928 occurrences, 86 retention time indices of new and already existing compounds. And we implemented FEMA GRAS 30 list.

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