What is new in version VCF16.8

General remarks In version 16.8 of VCF online we added new data for products and compounds.

New products We have expanded the content with 90 new products: 37 algae products (12 brown, 20 red, 14 green and 1 brown-green algae), 15 dairy products (of which 10 new cheeses), 21 essential oil products, bread dough, 2 types of beef, mushroom, chestnut flower and alligator meat.

The following products have been updated: gruyere and cheddar cheese, cacao, raw milk and skim milk powder, kiwi fruits, noni, anatto, raki, tequila, bilberry wine, several grape distillates, buchu leaf oil, lemon balm oil, cybopogom citratus and wild marjoram.

New content We added occurrences, retention indices and odour properties as given in 57 new literature references. This resulted into 45 new compounds and 90 new products, 1923 occurrences, 26 odour descriptions and 171 retention time indices of new and already existing compounds. And we implemented FEMA GRAS 29 list.

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