General remarks In version 16.7 of VCF online we added new data for products and compounds. We also integrated Flavour Threshold values with compound details, to show them together in one search result.

New products The following products are introduced: Garlic (baked, fried), Garlic essential oil, Wood garlic, Stewed beef juice, Soya-bean oil, Asian pear, Meadowsweet flower oil and Maple syrup (Acer saccharum).

New content We added occurrences, retention indices and odour properties given in 85 new literature references. This resulted into 412 new volatile compounds with occurrences. Amongst others, these products have been updated: beer, sherry, wine, sake, cognac, cheese, milk, roasted coffee, trout, prawns, beef, chicken, pork, oranges, apple juice...

Flavour Thresholds integrated We have brought the integration of VCF’s two data collections (‘VCF literature and compounds’ and ‘Flavour Threshold literature and compounds’) a step further. This integration is a tedious process because of all small, but significant differences in the descriptions of components (compound names, literature references, etc.). We identified and related compounds and references that are found in both tables. For these compounds you can find all details in one search query.

In a search for a certain literature reference, you will not only find the relevant compound data, but we also added links to Flavour Threshold values. The presence of threshold data is indicated by the ‘T’ flag in the compound table lists.

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New products
New compounds
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