On December 20, 2019, BeWiDo became the owner of VCF online. The previous owner Triskelion re-evaluated its strategy and in its future plans, VCF online did not fit anymore.

BeWiDo is owned and operated by William van Dongen and Bert Wiggers. William has a Ph.D. in analytical organic chemistry and a long scientific history in fragrances and taste of food. Bert is an entrepreneur with a career in online publishing and database companies.

The Volatile Compounds of Foods database exists now over 40 years and is since 2002 published online. We are very proud to be the new publishers of VCF online, and we both see many opportunities for growth and expansion. We want to expand the number of items quickly, to improve the user experience and - in a later phase - to bring new functionalities to the database.

Our new general e-mail address is info@vcf-online.nl.

We are working on a good future for VCF online!

William van Dongen PhD and Bert Wiggers