VCF online Volatile Compounds in Food 16.7

VCF16.3 announcement

A new version of VCF will be operational at the end of this month.

Several new products, like Kefir, Rice Cake, Miso, Rapeseed oil and Salami are introduced and existing products are updated. From over 80 literature references 160 new volatile compounds and more than 3000 occurrences are added. Also, over 6000 new Retention Indices and 300 new odour descriptions are given.

Since the introduction of Odour and Flavour Threshold Values (OFTV) we worked hard to integrate the VCF and OFTV data sets. Synchronizing compound names and CAS numbers is a lengthy task. We changed the way in which the OFTV data sets are presented, more like the VCF style of grouping (Hydrocarbons, Alcohols, etc.). The function Approximate search will be available for OFTV compound searches.

For VCF we recalculated the minimum and maximum values (ranges) and, with the new version, the number of observations from which the quantitative values are calculated will be given as an indication of the reliability of the data.