VCF online Volatile Compounds in Food 16.7

What is new in VCF15.1

This release is mainly aimed to improve the user interface and adapt the design to modern hardware like tablets and smart phones.

New software allows us to offer you more information and faster database access. We will use the new platform to add more functionality in the near future.

The new design of the website offers easy navigation via the horizontal menu display at the top of each page.

Perhaps we need to explain the information tabs at the bottom of the page with Compound information. Detailed information may be obtained by selecting one of the tabs: Quantity range in products (default), Literature references or Retention Index details. The latter tab gives detailed information for the values and references of Kovats Retention Indices we found in the literature and specialized databases.

The detailed Kovats Retention Index information is new. On the upper part of the Compound information page the average values on four GC-columns are displayed, when available.

Other new items in this version VCF15.1:
  • Many Kovats RI values are added. Since the introduction of Kovats RI, we added almost 5000 index values and 1250 odour descriptions. Now also all individual RI are given, together with their sources. This will show the level of reliability of the average values.
  • The product Durian (Durio zibethinus) has been updated with new literature. This product was chosen because of the occurrences of many sulfur compounds (with new RI values)
  • the new FEMA numbers and compound information from GRAS 26 are added
  • 10 digit CAS numbers