VCF online Volatile Compounds in Food 16.7

Introducing Kovats Retention Indices

In version VCF 14.1 of this database, Kovats retention indices were introduced for compounds on four types of GC-columns. Since then, new data were added daily and directly shown to the users. Retention indices are already found for more than 3000 compounds. The data are obtained from publications with reliable identified compounds. Approximately 16.000 indices are compiled. To the users of this database the average values are shown. Occasionally, estimated values are given which are indicated as […]. Values too far from the average or expected values, are indicated as …? Collecting data from different sources enhances the reliability of the presented values greatly. The data can be found by using the “Retention Index” menu button on the left side of the screen, choosing one of the four types of columns and giving a selected region of retention indices. Also, Kovats retention indices are shown, when available, with the detail information of a compound.

Also new in version VCF 14.1 is the description of the odour for specific compounds. Again, these characteristics are updated daily. Until now the odour descriptions for almost 1000 compounds are given. Often several odours per compound, resulting in a present total of 2600 odour descriptions.