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ProductDATE (Phoenix dactylifera L.)
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Origin: Dates are derived from the date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) The most important production(and consumption) areas are the Arabic countries in the Middle East and Northern Africa. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Use: Dates are eaten as such. Depending on the maturation stage the texture ranges from firm to soft and the sugar concentration becomes higher.
Production: The fruits are harvested at three different stages: khalaal, rutab and tamr.
Data (not) used: So far, no exact quantity data were found. Quantities of volatiles are mainly given as percentage of total quantity of volatiles (without giving the total quantity).

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3. Fruits 60 (2005) 267-278; H. Harrak, M. Reynes, M. Lebrun, A. Hamouda, P. Brat (8 date varieties from Morocco)
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