VCF online Volatile Compounds in Food 16.7

New version VCF 16.2 is coming

New data

VCF will be updated to version VCF 16.2 this weekend January 16-17.
New products (Curry leaf oil, Curry fruit oil, Musk Melon, Water Melon, Kelp (Laminaria japonica), Mango peel, Pomegranate juice, Pomegranate wine) will be introduced.
From 55 new literature references the occurrences, retention indices and odour properties will be given. Several existing products will be updated and over 125 new volatile compounds are found.


The FEMA GRAS list will be updated with the GRAS 27 data; all new FEMA numbers will be added. Several FEMA numbers have been delisted by the FEMA Expert Panel.

Flavour and Odour threshold data

The conversion of the Flavour and Odour threshold data from the input media to the VCF database is not yet fully completed. In a future version of VCF the threshold tables will be integrated with the VCF data.