VCF online Volatile Compounds in Food 16.4

What is new in version VCF16.4?

General remarks
In version 16.4 of the database new data for products and compounds are introduced. Functionalities are not changed. On the background the integration of publications containing odour and flavour threshold data with those of occurrences and retention indices is under way.

New products
The following products are introduced: Ten new products in the category Mint, a new product Matcha in the category Tea, the product Licorice is divided into four varieties and the products Sugar Molasses and Calamintha Nepeta Oil.

New content
The occurrences, retention indices and odour properties given in 50 new literature references are introduced. This resulted into 150 new volatile compounds with occurrences, more than 2500 new occurrences, more than 6200 new RI values (for in total over 4150 compounds) and 230 new odour descriptions (for in total over 1470 compounds).

New publications are submitted for Pear (1), Zingiber (1), Mint (20), Milk (1), Rum (4), Wine (1), Tea (3), Broccoli (1), Pear brandy (1), Licorice (6), Shrimp (4), Prawn (1), Sugar Molasses (4) and Calamintha Nepeta (2).

Odour and flavour threshold values
New data from 5 literature references are given.

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